Latex Resistance Bands


The design of this band is very simple and stylish, it can be worn as a wristband. It can be used as a fitness band or a fitness bracelet. The fitness band has the following advantages:

- Can be used in the gym for strengthening, toning and fat loss.
- Can be used for body shaping and improving muscle tone.
- Can be used for abdominal exercises, strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall and obliques.
- Can be used for strengthening the arms and triceps muscles.
- This band is suitable for people with stress or those that want to achieve the goal of ​​a stronger body. The band has the following features:
- Made of elastic, soft and durable material, not easy to damage.
- The material is non-allergic, safe and comfortable to use, no harm to health.
- Has a soft foam handle for comfortable grip, more convenient and convenient to use.

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