Smart Counting Grip


Are you looking for an effective way to rehabilitate your hand muscles or soft tissue contours?

Look no further than the Smart Counting Grip! This adjustable resistance forearm grip is designed to improve finger, wrist, and forearm flexibility with adjustable tension from 10-220 lbs. It also features an upgraded style with increased tension from 10-220 lbs, a counter that can be increased to 4 digits, and a one-key reset that eliminates the need to rotate the button. With its reinforced PP and rubber coated TPR spring material, the Smart Counting Grip is the perfect device for your rehabilitation needs.


🔧 Rehabilitation Device: It is an assistive device used to rehabilitate patients with hand muscle or soft tissue contours. Grippers can relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, maintain blood circulation in the joints, and prevent inflammation.
🔧 Adjustable Resistance Forearm Grip: Designed with resistance adjustable from 10-220 lbs, the Hand Grip Enhancer effectively improves finger, wrist and forearm flexibility by increasing or decreasing tension.
🔧 Upgraded style: Compared with conventional products in the market, our adjustment can be increased from 10-220 pounds, the counter can be increased to 4 digits, and we have eliminated the troublesome step of rotating the button to reset the number, we only need one key to reset.


- Grip grip product size: 17x12.6x2.6 cm;
- Single weight: 200g;
- Single package size: 17.5x13.2x3cm;
- Single package weight: 235g (neutral paper box);
- Material: reinforced PP, rubber coated TPR spring;
- Color: black, matcha green, Makalan
- Grip strength: 10-100kg;


1. Place your hand around the Smart Counting Grip and adjust the resistance to your desired tension level.
2. Squeeze the grip and the counter will begin to count the number of times you have squeezed the grip.
3. Release the grip and the counter will reset to zero.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for your desired number of repetitions.


Q: What is the maximum tension level of the Smart Counting Grip?
A: The maximum tension level of the Smart Counting Grip is 220 lbs.

Q: What material is the Smart Counting Grip made from?
A: The Smart Counting Grip is made from reinforced PP and rubber coated TPR spring material.

Q: What is included in the package?
A: The package includes one Smart Counting Grip.

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